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What is Emoji Translator?

Emoji Translator picks up on certain words in a message and replaces them with one or multiple emojis to help describe them while leaving the parts of the message alone. it help to create text with cool emoji symbol. Emoji Translator help you better express your emotions online and in text messages when words aren't enough. Despite this, the complexity of our thoughts and emotions still go far beyond the limited range of ideograms and smiley faces offered by the keyboard on our mobile devices. Even when you think you just used the best three or four emojis to accurately convey a specific message, this doesn't guarantee that other people will be able to translate your message so easily. Likewise, trying to decode the message behind emojis used by others can be just as confusing. In these types of cases, our Emoji Translator tool can come in handy just type your text or paste above box and it'll automatically decode your normal text into ext with emojis and fianlly copy it to the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

What is Emoji?

An emoji is a small image, either static or animated, that represents a facial expression, an entity or a concept (among other possibilities) in digital communications.

The emoji is the graphical successor to the emoticon, which represented similar things through sequences of characters, such as :) to stand for a smiley face. Depending on the application, an emoji may be inserted simply by clicking the desired image or converted from text characters. Emoji collections are widely available on social networking sites, smartphone apps and other messaging platforms.

The word emoji is made up of Japanese words meaning picture (e) and character (moji). The first emoji were created by Shigetaka Kurita, who borrowed the idea from weather forecasts that used symbols, Japanese characters, street signs and manga, a style of Japanese comic that -- like Western cartoons -- uses a standard group of symbols to express emotions and concepts. The Japanese telecommunications companies NTT DoCoMo, au and Vodafone (now SoftBank Mobile) each created their own proprietary collections of emoji. [ReadMore..]